Palabra Ep

by Zenn Angel

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released November 30, 2015

All songs written, and recorded by Zenn Angel



all rights reserved


Zenn Angel Kyle, Texas

The lessons I've learned.
The Things I've earned.

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Track Name: My Paradigm
Similar faces in the spaces of my room.
Feeling nostalgic like a funeral bloom.
Train of thoughts run until the one soon spawns,
to only discover that life goes on.

Frustrated at reasons unknown, a story thats left untold.
Life remains so guile, this loop gets so damn old
after a while.

Our bodies are trapped seeking for the answer.
Am I living in a dream walking this earth forever?
Today is the oldest I have been,
And the youngest I'll ever be again.

You forget what you want to remember,
you remember what you want to forget.
Track Name: Fortune Cookie
Beware of little expenses.
Small leaks will sink great ships.
Beware the fury of a patient man.
If there is no wind, there will be no land.
Track Name: This Too Shall End
Wake up
Just another night
With the same thoughts
Running through my mind

Lay my head down
Stare at the ceiling
Darkness surrounds me
You know dreams can be deceiving

Open my eyes
Take a look around
I realize
The colors inside

Where have I been
Soul seemed foreign
Been color blind
When i'm the one painting

It finally comes to me and I see who I need to be
The demeanor is a hungry beast that we need to feed

I remember the past and what I used to believe in
All this was too good to be true now i'm just dreaming

Wonder and ponder it all and I start to think
My life is a pen and i'm the one who needs to fill the ink